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the harmony of blue and green Triplex residential building at jolshiri purbachal

We tried to build-up a connection with the nature and living space in this project. The burbling of the falling water, the whispering of the gentle breeze, the eye soothing green, the soft grass on the toe, the smell of the bloom, the chirping of the spring birds, the dazzling moon, the first ray of the sun on your lap. Its all about redefining the urban dwelling experience through creating a Harmony between Blue and Green. One of our recently designed project at Purbachal, Dhaka.

THE ASSEMBLAGE OF CLASSIC & MODERN 7 Storied Mosque-Madrasa Complex at Uttara

We took this Project formaly on 17 June, 2022. This Project is a redevelopment project. There was an old Mosque in this site. which was structurally weak and also the space was not adequate. Recently the Mosque Committe decided to demolish the old mosque and want to rebuilt a new 8 story mosque-modrasa complex here. Currently the demolishing work is going on. Ing Shaaa Allah within few months the construction of the new mosque will start.


The Project started between August-September of 2022. The land was small But there was a requirement of a separate entry for male and female students whithin this small area. As a response to that demand we managed to design Multipurpose spaces where students can live,pray and study without compro- mising their little gathering area and privacy for female students.